Purple or Amber Rhinestone Bling Bling Charm Beads

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Price is per 10mm bead with 1mm hole ready to thread. Quite heavy! Select either light purple, dark purple, or amber / Gold .Choose colour from Colour Button.

History of Charms

Carrying charms to ward off evil dates to Neolithic times where hunters wore stones for luck. Egyptians used charms for identification and to please their gods in the afterlife. In Roman times, Christians hid fish charms in their clothing to identify themselves to other believers. Charms protected medieval knights, and in the Dark Ages they represented heritage and religion. 

Latter, superstition made charms an important part of life for everyone - even the common folk depended on them for well being. Today's charm jewellery stems from Queen Victoria's fascination with charms and pendants, making elaborate charm bracelets fashionable among the gentry of the time. 

Why Wear a Charm Bracelet?
Charms are often collected as reminders of good times, and are worn to feel comfortable. Popular today are bracelets that allow charms to be added and removed to express moods.  You're never too old for a charm bracelet. Many celebrities decorate their wrists with them, and top hip-hop singers wear million-dollar Shamballa bracelets. All make you feel good and are great conversation starters.

How to Design Your Own Charm Bracelet
When choosing charms, apply your style and sentimental history. Go with a theme that tells a story - such as expression of love, favourite animals or colour. Fine-boned wrists need tiny charms. Larger charms on a chunky bracelet are best for larger bones. Charms on a bracelet should face outwards, although some prefer the other way.

The diversity of symbols, flowers, animals, zodiac signs and colours offers endless variations - making the jewellery unique and personal for charm bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. With imagination and creativity you can personalize jewellery for a particular person, memory, or season, giving others the opportunity to be part of your story.

Our jade Chinese zodiac beads are ideal to combine with your charm jewellery – choose the animal for the year of birth the design is intended for. Or make twelve different designs for each birth year as unusual jewellery to sell.