4 Elegant Honey Yellow 21mm Amber Beads

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Price is for 4 pieces of these 21mm beads, the hole size is 1mm.

What Is Amber?
Amber was once a mystery. Until discovered it formed millions of years ago where sea was then forest. Resin from trees dripped into puddles. When the land was replaced by sea, the weight formed the resin into amber, which eventually floated to the surface.

Benefits of Amber
Amber's been called 'petrified sunlight'. It's colour creates jewellery that makes the wearer both look and feel good - sometimes with more effect than diamonds.

Years ago, it was thought amber could magically draw energy to its bearer. Because rubbing amber against a wool made it electrically charged, attracting small objects. It was also believed to aid intellect, help memory loss and anxiety.

Imitation Amber
Amber has always been imitated. Some amber beads in Egyptian tombs were made from copal – which is also fossilized tree resin, but only thousands of years old. Ambroid, although known as pressed or reconstituted amber, is made from real amber scraps and shavings generated by amber carvers. These pieces are collected, heated, then pressed into large blocks.