Bead Hole Sizes

Wooden Beads

We get loads of people asking us what size hole our beads have, and why don’t we quote the hole-size in the listing?

The answer is that as we specialize in semi-precious, the majority of our customers’ already know that natural beads always have small holes of around 0.4mm. Obviously, the larger the bead: the larger the hole – but if the hole was bigger in semi-precious beads or pearls, they would fall apart!

However, you can make the hole as large as you wish, but using a Beading Reamer. This is a type of file, often with diamond-coating to cut hard stone, that smooths and enlarges a bead’s hole. We don’t sell these: just Google Bead Reamer.

Many non-semi precious beads do have large holes: like wood, metal, ceramic, spacer, glass, charm, and plastic beads – and we stock lots of these. Many of our wooden beads have 3mm holes, which are ideal for macrame projects with hemp thread, and working with leather cord or wire.

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Also, if you want really BIG holes, we sell Donut Beads, with a huge hole in the middle.