Lots more customer facilities - please take advance and try!

New Customer Order Facilities

  • Enhanced Search at top left - key description or item number
  • All Categories Page - Menu of all items
  • On Category Page: View as Grid default, or change to view us List. Plus sort by name order, price, or date listed.
  • Choose by Shape, Colour, Size, or other ways
  • Add to Wish List (click little heart icon) - you must make an account first, then login.
  • Ask Question about a product on Product Page
  • Add to Compare - you can compare any number of items side-by-side

Key Controls

  • Customer Login  Click box at top right (looks like a little person). Sorry, but existing customers' have to re-create an account on first use.
  • Home Button at top left of every page - takes back to Front Page.
  • Shopping Cart / Basket  at top right - Mouseover shows content & total price.


  • Browse and add beads to your wishlist while relaxing or travelling.
  • Order beads easily on the go. It's very fast with a smartphone, especially if you have an account and login.
  • Browse on the phone: order on the PC later.
  • Full details at How To Order Beads By Smartphone.