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Choose Beads By Colour

The colours you choose for your clothes and in your home, say a lot about you - they reveal what’s in your head and your innermost feelings and emotions. They are part of your personality. It’s likely you have one colour that dominates – think what your favorite colour is?

However, then you design jewellery for profit, don’t let your personal likes influence what you make. Look into the coming fashion and put popular colours together. This will help your sales.

Similar pastel colours go well together. Usually contrast is to be avoided when designing jewellery, but sometimes bright conflicting colours add drama. It's best to have a full colour range of beads, so you can experiment the effects possible.

Each colour creates an effect on other people and has a meaning – like some colours have a religious and spiritual significance:

Beaders Colour Wheel

  • Beige: Earthy, classic, neutral & warm
  • Black: Power, elegance, death & mystery
  • Blue (light): Peaceful, quiet, cool & soft
  • Fushsia: Hot, sensual, exciting & fun
  • Gray: Neutral, corporate, quality & classic
  • Green: Irish, country, nature & honest
  • Greenish-Yellow: Fruity, acidy, & jealous
  • Lavender: Enchantment, nostalgic, floral & fashion
  • Lime: Revitalizing, lively, acidy & anticipation
  • Navy: Strength, dependability, traditional & authority
  • Olive Green: Peace, adventure, nature & camouflage
  • Orange: Fun, happy, ambition & warmth
  • Pink: Love, romance, fidelity & compassion
  • Purple: Royal, spirituality, mystery & wealth
  • Red: Fire, blood, power & love
  • Teal Blue: Pleasing, emotional healing, rich & unique
  • Terracotta: Wholesome, earthy, country & stability
  • White: Light, goodness, innocence & perfection