Jewellery With New Beads Sells Faster!

Some beaders’ say they have shed loads of beads already - but we find new sells. We can mix our show display, and visitors will always pull out the latest. It's as if an invisible wave say 'buy me'! So if new sells for us: it’ll sell for you too. You need new. Consumers are always looking for something different - and they like the latest products to show how up-to-date they are, and aware of fashion trend and change. New Sells!

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64 Rainbow Clay Cube Beads - Very Colourful!
Price is per 16-inch string - each bead measures 6mm cube. Hole size is 1.4mm. About 64 beads...
92 Faceted Bicone  peridot Green 4mm Glass Beads
Price is per 14-inch string of these beautiful beads. Each measures 4mm x 4mm with hole about 0.9mm and...
90 Venetian Red & Orange Faceted Electroplate Glass Rondelle Beads
Price is per 16-inch string of these beautiful 4mm pink beads. Size of each is 5mm x 6mm...
Gleaming Faceted Banded Rainbow Agate Beads - 6mm
Price is per 14 1/2 -inch string. Each bead measure 6mm. No gemstone is more creatively striped by...
Distinctive Natural Blue Sodalite Chip Beads - Long String
Price is per 16-inch string of these dramatic beads - average largest chip size is about 14mm x...
72 Barbie-Pink 6mm Transparent Frosted Glass Beads
Price is per 16-inch string of these beautiful 6mm pink beads - about 72 to the string. Hole:...
30 Electroplate Marine-Blue 10mm Glass Beads With Buddhist Mantra - Unusual
Price is per 12-inch string of these beautiful 10mm beads - about 30 to the string. Electroplated with...
8 Tibetan Style Tube Loop Bail Beads
Price is for 8 of these bails. Each measures 12x8x4mm, Large Hole: 2mm. Lead Free & Cadmium Free,...