Jewellery With New Beads Sells Faster!

Some beaders’ say they have shed loads of beads already - but we find new sells. We can mix our show display, and visitors will always pull out the latest. It's as if an invisible waves say 'buy me'! So if new sells for us: it’ll sell for you too. You need new. Consumers are always looking for something different - and they like the latest products to show how up-to-date they are, and aware of fashion trend and change. New Sells!

Fantastic Electro -Plated Rainbow AB  Crystal Icicle Beads
Price is for 15.5 inches of these beautiful shiny AB beads.Each bead measures the biggest is 20mm x...
Rose Quartz,Red Jasper or Yellow Tiger Eye  Mala Head -Dorje and Bell
Price is per set of these dorje & bell beads. Rose Quartz -10mm x 9mm Red Jasper -12mm...
Superb Deep Marine Blue Banded Agate Button Beads
Price is for 16.5 inches of these blue agate beads. Each bead measure  25mm x 6mm with 1.5mm...
Seductive Fire Cherry Quartz Polygon Cut Beads
Price is per 14.5-inch string of these beautiful beads. Each beads is polygon cut  and measures 8mm x...
Sleek Natural Dark Purple Amethyst Nuggets Beads
Price is per 15-inch string of about 82 beads. All will be different size and shape, but largest...
Seductive Purple and Blue Rainflower Viewing Stone Beads- 4mm or 8mm
Price is per 15.5-inch string of these beautiful beads. Each measures 8mm  about 49 and 4mm about 93...
Lovely Green Dendritic Agate Beads - 4mm or 6mm
Price is per 16 inches of these beautiful beads .These beads measures 4mm or 6mm round. Choose size...
Faceted Black Moonstone and Sodalite  8mm Bead Bracelet
Price is per one bracelet made from  these beautiful beads - each measures 8mm. The bracelet has a...