Jewellery With New Beads Sells Faster!

Some beaders’ say they have shed loads of beads already - but we find new sells. We can mix our show display, and visitors will always pull out the latest. It's as if an invisible waves say 'buy me'! So if new sells for us: it’ll sell for you too. You need new. Consumers are always looking for something different - and they like the latest products to show how up-to-date they are, and aware of fashion trend and change. New Sells!

Delicate 8mm Malay Jade Beads- Blush pink, Papaya Orange and Verbena
Price is per 14.5 inches of these 8mm beads (just one colour). There are about 46 beads in...
Lovely Pink Rosey Apple 8mm Malay Jade Beads
Price is for 15 inches of these very beautiful blend of  colours . There are about 47 beads...
Magnificent Turquoise Blue Sea Sediment Jasper Button Beads
Price is for 15.5 inches of these beads. Each beads measures 14mm x 6mm and about 27 beads...
4 Elegant Honey Yellow 21mm Amber Beads
Price is for 4 pieces of these 21mm beads, the hole size is 1mm. What Is Amber?Amber was...
5 Superb Natural Crystal 17mm Sphere Beads
  Price is for 5 pieces of these natural  crystal beads.They measures 17mm and hole size is 1mm....
Shiny Admiral-Blue Banded Agate Oval Beads
Price is for 17 inches of these knotted beads. Each beads measures 17mm x 12mm x 7.5mm  and...
Lovely Faceted Hematite and Agate Bead Bracelet - Heavy!
Price is for these Macrame made bracelet, the beads are faceted 10mm banded agate and faceted hematite. The...
Beautiful Small Free Form Rainbow Jasper Nuggets Beads
Price is for 16 inches of these small beads. Each measures about 5mm x 5mm  or it depends,...