When the nights darken, make some classy seasonal jewellery. Apart from autumn, Halloween is huge these days, then there are Christmas presents to make for.

Autumn Bead Strings

There are so many beads suitable for this season: agate, calsilica, citrine, coral, flaked stones, jade, jasper, lava, lapis, malachite, rhodonite, and tiger eye. Also you can combine amber and pearl with all types of brown, dark greens, gold, and misty yellow.

Orange and gold beads match autumn leaves - try combining carnelian with black beads like onyx. Enhance your imagination with a touch of gold. Try mixing contrasting colours like brown and gold with blues and green.

For Halloween, skull jewellery are popular with the young, who wear skull rings on their fingers and hang skull pendants on their phones.

Citrine Beads For November

Citrine For November Jewellery
Sunny and affordable, citrine brightens all jewellery, blending especially well with the yellow gleam of polished gold. Yellow is a natural reviver, and citrine focuses the mind bringing a feeling of self-esteem.

In medication it helps re-establish the link between your conscious and subconscious. If you’re feeling down, hold citrine to lift your spirit. It’s also good at healing the body and communication. Citrine gives warm energy, promotes optimism, and attracts abundance.

Citrine removes negative energy, and in ancient times it was carried as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts. Known as a “merchants’ stone”, placed in the cash register to acquire and keep wealth. Click To See All Our Citrine Beads

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Jasper Beads
Skull Beads

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