Pendants Make Fast Necklaces!
Sometimes, you just need to string a pendant, and you're away! All pendants are designed to be hang onto a necklace, and in most cases you'l need to add other beads and a catch. Some of the smaller pendants can also be used for matching earrings.

Why Wear Jewellery?
Since ancient times we've been decorating ourselves. After we've taken care of food and shelter needs, safety and relations are our essentials. Once these too are achieved, we tend to crave self-fulfillment. Around this top tier of needs, we seek a feeling of accomplishment. Jewellery serves this yearning.

Other Benefits Of Jewellery:

  • Makes you feel you belong to a particular group - social or cultural status.
  • Shows wealth to attract love, respect or status.
  • Self expression - sends a message to others, and perhaps to ourselves too.
  • Makes you feel good - boosting self confidence.

 Our mind can change our behaviour: our behaviour can change our outcome!

Finely Crafted Black Onyx Carved Buddha Pendant
Price is for one of these little carved buddha pendant. These buddha is made from black onyx stone...
Price is per pendant - measures a large 65mm x 15mm x 12mm, drilled as in picture. For...
Price is per pendant. The hand is both sides. The jade bead measures 14mm, and full size is...
Green Aventurine or Lapis Mala End Beads - Dorje & Bell
Price is per set of dorje & bell beads. Choose either aventurine measuring 13mm x 12mm with 6mm...
Price is per pendant - beautiful looking crystal with many patterns. Colour is dyed, but fixed. Each is...
Price is per pendant - ready to make into a necklace as in picture. Measures 45mm x 30mm...
Price is per pendant (not three as picture). Size is a large 38mm x 25mm x 12mm, drilled...
Price is PER cross pendant - ideal as a focal bead for a necklace, or earrings. Measures a...