Stunning Yellow Citrine and Purple Amethyst Small Nugget Beads

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Price is for 15.5 inches of these small yellow citrine and purple amethyst. Each bead measures from 8mm x 6mm but they vary in size because each bead are free form.Beads are all drilled ready to thread. 

Sunny and affordable, citrine brightens all jewellery, blending especially well with polished gold. Yellow is a natural reviver, and citrine focuses the mind bringing a feeling of self-esteem.

What Is Citrine?
Citrine is a type of quartz - its colour coming from iron within the stone. Citrine comes from the French word for lemon, and is any quartz crystal or cluster that’s yellow to orange. Citrine is considered an alternative to topaz as the birthstone for November.

In medication it helps re-establish the link between your conscious and subconscious. If you’re feeling down, hold citrine to lift your spirit. It’s also good at healing the body and communication. Citrine gives warm energy, promotes optimism, and attracts wealth and abundance.

Citrine removes negative energy, and in ancient times it was carried as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts. Known as a “merchants’ stone”, placed in the cash register to acquire and keep wealth.

Best Citrine
Although the darker, orange colours of citrine, sometimes called Madeira citrine after the colour of the wine, has generally been the most valued colour, in modern times, many people prefer the bright lemony shades which mix better with pastel colours. Most citrine comes from Brazil.

As long as citrine is protected from prolonged exposure to light or heat, it will last for years, and never requires cleansing.