Shimmering Small Grey Labradorite Button Beads - 10mm x 5mm

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Price is for 15.5 inch of these beads. Each beads measures 10mm x 5mm and about 41 beads in a string.

NOTE: These beads has a very lovely flashy blue tints but also as they are natural stones there are brown and black specks and the beads are light grey in colour.

What Is Lapradorite?
Labradorite is formed as crystals in magna, and then heat and pressure develop it further in other rocks. Named where first discovered, Labrador in Canada.

Its aurora borealis of colour makes labradorite truly a magical stone - important to those who seek knowledge and guidance, and to the modern mystic. Labradorite is a powerful protector against negative forces, shielding the aura and strengthening natural energy from within. It is said to bring amazing change to your life and naturally heal.