Seductive Turtle Agate Ring

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Price is per ring. The stone measures 15mm x 12mm or slightly bigger.The turtle agate bead comes in brown and white and is set in non tarnish metal.

The rings size  are  7.5 or O  or Size 8 or P have 8. Chose Size With Size Button.

Turtle Agate also known as Stone of Protection, is considered as “The Stone” for the wearers. This  agate attracts the strength, power and vitality towards the tuner and protects him from the bad dreams. It safeguards the owner from the stress and the energy drai

 Turtle Agate is banded talisman which is used to give the varied and rich dreams and also ward off the storms. It is supposed to be beneficial for the gums and treats the upset stomach too.

It is a true fact that there is no such gemstone which may change the feelings, emotions but assists in changing the levels of the acceptance.

 Properties of Turtle Agate Gemstone
Turtle Agate calms the ambience, reduces the disputes of family and stressed conditions. It raises the sexual power just by bestowing the physical resilience. It deepens the connection of the beings with that of Earth. It is also believed to correct the blood vessels, issues related to skeletal system and offers relief from the nerves pain also enhances the pleasant personality of the tuner by granting the inner peace and the admiration of simple delight of being active and alive. The protective and warm properties , promote the self-confidence and security.

The gemstones are worn between the breasts then it improves the lactation secretion.

Turtle Agate is admired by the past tribal priests and considered as a miraculous healing charm which offers power to get interact with the organic system of the beings. It raises the mental function just by improving the analytical abilities and the concentration. When it is used as an elixir, it strengthens the digestive system and also relieves the gastritis. When it is placed on the abdomen it cures the hollow parts of the human body like intestines, uterus and stomach.

It is related to hard-headed thoughts and the reality and its regular contours soothe the desire of the wearer with harmony and peace while the irregular one stimulate the vital decision making and action.

 Turtle Agate is believed to develop new hopes raises the light heartedness and grace and attune the positive thinking. The optimism increases the viewpoint from the hearts. This stone also offers its cleansing effect according to which it cleans all the chakras in powerful way. It assists with lethargy and ambivalence due to the depression by enhancing happiness, forthrightness and friendliness.