75 Rich Deep Purple Sugilite Rondel Beads

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Price is for 15 inch string of these beads. Each bead measures 8mm x 5mm and about 75 beads in a string.

What Is Sugilite?
Sugilite forms in granite, it's purple coming from manganese. It was only discovered in 1944, in Japan. Sugilite's metaphysical properties, distinctive rich colour and waxy luster are sought after by New Agers.

Sugilite is believed to strengthen spirituality by enhancing your psychic ability by opening the chakras. It relives worries, brings a feeling of well-being and inspiration - and is called today's 'love stone', representing spiritual love.

Sugilite For Jewellery
Sugilite is becoming more popular, and we often sell out because it's hard to source large quantities. Sugilite looks great with turquoise, malachite or coral.