Large Moroccan Tribal Berber Rainbow Beads - Mixed Shape & Colour

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Berber Beads

Price is per 20-inch long string (picture shows four strings).  Beads are glass, stone, wood, metal, shell and many moulded acrylic.  Lots are hand made. Sizes range from large 25mm x 10mm tube and around 18mm beads - to 8mm x 5mm findings and 8mm x 6mm beads. However, most are largeish. A great combination to make ethnical summer gypsy jewellery.

These beautiful beads are in the traditional Moroccan style.  Personally selected by MiMi and Nigel on a resent trip to Marrakesh. NOTE: as they are all individually made, they may be slightly different to the sample photograph.

The souks of Marrakech are full of beads. Moroccans love wearing huge beads around their necks. Beads in Morocco go back 142,000-years – when carbon-dating records sea-shells about 1/2-inch diameter, drilled in the middle. Berber tribes in the desert have been making beads from all materials for a long time.

It’s hard work haggling in the heat, but we still managed to bring some of these Berber beads back for our customers. With their bright colours and bold designs, these make great summer jewellery here. We also carried a few big chunky necklaces we’ll put on offer at bead shows – not enough to list online.