Glamorous Faceted Ruby Zoisite Rondelle Beads

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Price is for 15.5 inches of these beautiful blend of colours. Each bead measures 8mm x 5mm and about 75 beads in a string.

What Is Ruby Zoisite?
Ruby zoisite is a combination of fiery ruby and earthy zoisite. Zoisite is a mixture of tanzanite, thulite and other minerals. Ruby Zoisite is a creative stone, its energy coming from the red and green colours. 

By itself, ruby is associated with passion - bringing anger to the surface and amplifying emotion. Zoisite provides a natural medium for softening this. Its green cools and stabilizes. This is valuable when passion seems overwhelming, and ruby in zoisite is excellent for healing a broken heart and reducing obsessive feelings to another person.

In the chakra system red relates to creativity and sexuality, and green is associated with healing, balancing, and abundance. It also encourages creative energy, helping ideas materialise.

Ruby zoisite is more popular these days. Perhaps because more people are ready to heal relationships and express their creativity.