Eye-Catching Faceted Light Pink and Green Tourmaline Rondelle Beads

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Price is for 15.5 inches of these beautifully poly cut rondelle beads. The beads measures 8mm x 5mm and about 82 beads in a string.

Tourmaline beads are extremely popular right now - said to be the gemstone of love and friendship.

What Is Tourmaline?
Tourmaline is it’s own mineral family with complex chemical variants. The most common types are Elbaite, Schorl, and Dravite.

The gemstone is available in many colours, some changing depending on the viewing angle. Pink is the most common caused by traces of manganese - but iron induces green and blue, and natural radiation or heat can make other colours.

It’s name originates from ‘tura mali’: meaning like ‘stone with mixed colours’. Usually found in granite from Brazil or Africa.

Tourmaline is believed to combine creativity and discipline, and is a natural source of negative ions and far infrared rays. Far infrared therapy is common to heal in Japan.

It is also thought to improve circulation, good for digestion, relieve stress, increase mental alertness and strengthen the immune system. As well as creating peace and communication between the conscious and unconscious minds.