98 Long Dramatic Pink Opal Icicle Beads

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Price is for 15.5 inch string of these light pink colour Peruvian opal beads. The beads is mixed with different sizes, the biggest measures 26mm X 6mm x 4mm to about 9mm the smallest. Top-drilled with around 98 beads to the string.

What Is Opal?
All of natures fury can be seen in fine opal. Like a Rembrandt: fire, lightning, all the colours of the rainbow and the shine of far seas.

Australia supplies about 95% of the worlds opal from the outback. Aborigines believe their creator came to Earth on a rainbow bringing a message of peace - at the spot where his foot touched the ground, opal formed!

The name Opal comes from many places. In Greek 'Opallios' translates as colour change, and to the ancient Romans 'Opalus' was a stone from several elements. A Roman author wrote that opal combines the sparkle of almandine, the shining purple of amethyst, the golden yellow of topaz, and the deep blue of sapphire.

Types of Opal
Fine opals sparkle in a continually changing play of colours called 'opalising'. Depending on their location they have names like Harlequin, Peacock, and Fire Opal. Most opal has this play of colours except Common Opal, a name give to all others, like Pink Opal.

Fine opalizing opal is rare and very expensive, so is sold in individual beads for hundreds of US dollars each. Therefore, the type of opal common in necklaces is non-opalizing opal – usually pink opal from Peru.

What Causes Opal's Effect?
Opals play of colour is caused by small spheres of silica creating interference and refraction manifestations. The spheres, which are arranged in compact structures, dissect light through the gemstone, turning it into the rainbow effect, always new and different.

It's believed opal enhances cosmic consciousness and psychic vision. Some say it helps memory and depression, brings self worth, and finds true love.

Opals are supposed to enhance the positive characteristics for people born under the sign of Cancer. With Black Opal recommended to Scorpios and Boulder Opal for Aries.

The opalizing effect reflects changing emotions and moods. People prefer different opals for different moods. 

Peruvian Opal
Peruvian Opal comes in faint pink, light blue and light mint-green tones. From the mountains near San Patricio, Peru.

Although native South Americans have been using the stone for thousands of years, it only became widely available commercially this century. It's usually translucent to opaque with no play of colour and often has lots of black and tan dendrites.

Most Peruvian Opal beads are semi-opaque to opaque. Peruvian opals metaphysical properties are similar to other opals. Helping to intensify your traits and characteristics and deepening your personal understanding. Peruvian Opal in particular is used to activate the heart charka and to assist you during spiritual journeys.

How to Value Opal
The most important price criteria is the play of colour, the colours themselves and their pattern, followed by transparency and original location. Colour can be black, dark or light, or coloured. Black Opal has the most brilliant play of colour, and those from Lightning Ridge or Mexican Fire Opal is the best. Crystal opal, is the next best, and should be more transparent. White or milky opals are the cheapest.

Looking after Opal
Due to 2 to 6% water, opals easily become brittle and if stored too dry or exposed to heat, over time the play of colour will fade. Therefore, Opal jewellery should be worn as often as possible, so to receive humidity from the air and from the skin of its wearer.