Elegant Rose Gold Trace Chain - 3.8mm Links

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Price is per 1-metres of this light, beautiful chain. Ideal for elegant, delicate designed jewellery. Each link measures 1-mm.

What Is Chain Jewellery?
Chain jewellery is not new, but the trend is increasing. This year it’s in fashion with many models wearing the style. Chain can add a new dimension to your designs. It's versatile: available in any length, with many thickness, shapes and materials.

Chain can be used on its own, creating a classic look to add attention to a pendant – or they can be decorated with small beads and findings for more effect. Chunky chain creates a statement in itself. Bold and punkish. While tiny delicate chain is more subtle, for a lighter, elegant, graceful design.

Types Of Chain

• Trace Chain – has small oval links creating a minimalist chin that won’t distract to your jewellery design. One of the most popular and versatile styles.
• Belcher Chain – similar to trace, but with wider and thicker links. For a bolder effect.
• Bead Chain – as the name implies: this is chain with tiny beads already attached. Ready-made for an elegant stylish design.
• Figaro Chain - has flattened rings, with 3 shorter links separated by a longer link.