Earthy Mahogany Obsidian Chip Beads

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Price is per long 36-inch string of this beautiful stone. As all chips sizes are varied - largest chip bead is around 12mm x 7mm x 6mm. Great value for money!

Obsidian is natural glass formed by rapid cooling of volcanic lava. Usually black, shiny, and hard – but also grey, brown, or with white flecks. When fractured it leaves sharp edges, hence its use since the stone-age as a cutting tool and for weapons. Snowflake obsidian is caused by inclusions of small, white, crystals of silica in the black glass producing a blotchy snowflake pattern. Sheen or Rainbow Obsidian is caused by small bubbles of air trapped in the molten rock just before being cooled.

Obsidian is a nurturing stone that can help you to accept the changes that are a part of everyone's live. Its energy has a grounding, stabilizing influence, and can help dispel negative energy. But for healing, it's recommend to balance obsidian with a lighter crystal, like smoky quart. Also used to improve vision, relieve digestive problems, and clear the mind. And is sometimes gazed into like a crystal ball, to obtain images and help find inner spiritual vision.