Golden Brown 10mm Tiger Calsilica Beads

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Price is per 16 1/2-inch string of these beautiful beads. Each measures 10mm. No two of these dramatic stones are alike!

Rainbow calsilicas mysterious eye-catching, vivid and varied colours, capture the imagination of jewellery designers. Each of these new stones is unique in its configuration of colour. Because of this, many gem dealers speculate whether it occurs naturally or is man made.

Some say rainbow calsilica is imported from Mexico in slabs. However, the plastic-like material with randomly coloured bands - is pulverized carbonate rock, artificially coloured with pigments and then stabilized with a polymer.

The stones dramatic variation in colour with its short history attracts attention everywhere. Lots of bright colours are great in summer jewellery, bringing bundles of energy to the wearer. This beautiful material deserves at least the same respect