Beautiful Chinese Dzi Agate Ring

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This unusual ring has a real Chinese dzi bead inside. Made from Agate and is used as a traveller's amulet.

Check the eyes out! Some call it's strange patterns 'cosmic caterpillar tracks'. Others' swear that wearing these beads can heighten the spiritual consciousness, and balance the body's physical and mental mechanism.

Because the universe is constructed by Earth, Water, Wind, Space and principles of Yin and Yang.

NOTE: The agate bead that is set on the ring is NOT like the picture is parallel to the finger.

As I have a few, and all are 0ne-of-a-kind, the dzi pattern may be very-slightly different to the photo. I also have different sizes - please ask with payment (otherwise will send average size 8 1/2 - 3/4 inch hole size). Comes with beautiful black leather-look case with glass window and black velvet inside. Actual dzi bead size: 16 x 8mm. Ring holder on photo not included.