8 Lucky Tibetan Silver Elephant Ganesha God Pendants or Bead Spacers

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Price is per 8 of these enchanting bead spacers or pendants. Each measures 10mm x 10mm x 3mm. Look great on earrings!

The elephant-headed Hindu God Ganesha, is the offspring of Shiva, and is known to remove things that hold your life up. Ganesha symbolises wisdom, understanding, and an intellect to bring perfection in life.

Tibetan Silver
In ancient Tibet, jewellery was made by hammered the back of coinage-silver plate, to create a design in relief on the other side. Today, Tibetan Silver still has an antique silver finish like pewter - but is an alloy of copper and tin, with no actual silver. Hence the great value of these type of findings. They make very attractive jewellery.

We've tested some of these beads and can confirm they're both nickel and lead free. However, some may have small traces of other compounds like zinc that could cause an allergy in some people. Therefore, they shouldn't be used on 'broken' skin like earrings and piercing.

Like most metal, including silver, oxygen will tarnish them over time - they can be brightened with silver cleaner. For a higher-quality finding, see our Pure Silver Beads.

Findings are essential for creating any kind of functional jewellery - bringing sparkle, like music in a movie. The must-have items for jewellery making are:

  • Spacers to enhance your focal beads, without drawing too much attention to themselves. They also make jewellery longer, economizing on your cost.
  • You need wires to string the beads onto, and crimp beads to secure the ends.
  • Clasps for necklaces or bracelets, and jump rings to attach those clasps.
  • For earrings you need ear wires.

Jewellery created with metal beads looks more professional, and so will be easier to sell.