200 x 11mm Red Natural Wooden Beads

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Price is for 200 of these beautiful beads - ready for stringing. Large 4mm hole.

Advantages of using Wooden Beads
Wood beads go back over 6,000 years, but have recently been ignored. However, they are now becoming popular again, because in 2019 ethnical jewellery is in and everyone appreciates natural. Wooden beads are also very cost-effective and flexible - making your jewellery easier to sell.

Some like wood because the beads are lightweight or have larger holes - making it easy to thread different materials like wire or string. Customer's are always asking me for large-hole beads, but most semi-precious beads will fall apart if they had a big hole. Wood also allows larger beads for bulky designs that would be too heavy otherwise, especially for earrings.

Others are attracted to the wood's grain, bright hand-painted designs, or the perfume of sandlewood for Buddhist Mulla necklaces. Wooden beads are crafted from ironwood, walnut, olive, bamboo, ebony, pear, apple, and rose.

Obviously ideal for necklaces and bracelets, but and are also light enough to sew onto garments and bags - and cheap enough for children to experiment with jewellery making.

Wooden bracelets are designed for regular wear. Like in yoga classes to enrich meditation, and friendship bracelets. These were individually customized wooden beads on elastic cord, to create lasting bonds between mates. Now there is a new trend for men to wear wooden, attracted by their naturalness and ease during sports. 

They are also ideal for hair accessories, such as the beginning or end of braids. Other uses are at the end of the string of light pulls or ceiling fan switches.