Natural Crystal Nugget Beads - Large & Heavy!

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Price is per 16-inch string of these magical natural beads. Ready for restringing or selling. Average largest nugget measures 22mm x 15mm x 12mm. Heavy!

Bring the energy of the stars into your soul. American Indians, Tibetan monks, and Druid priests, proclaimed the spiritual power of crystal. Today, many people use crystal to focus their attention on something they want. With a little imagination, you can use crystal's energy to access a higher level of consciousness. The stone's clarity acts as a "belief filter" by your subconscious to turn a desire into reality.

Placing crystals around the house is a time honoured way of dispersing positive chi energy. Crystals relate to the Earth Element in Feng Shui. Chi, the beneficial energy begins its journey from the ground, or earth, continuing to the heavens, therefore it is most important to have crystals to initiate this cosmic flow. Faceted Crystals also have the power to disperse this Chi into smaller fragments around the house, for even more benefit.