6 Lucky Abalone-Grey Howlite Elephant Beads

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Price is per six of these unusual beads - each measures 21mm x 16mm x 6mm, drilled top-to-bottom. Each will be slightly different pattern.

The elephant symbolizes strength and power - and in feng shui wisdom and fertility.

Howlite balance body and mind. Looks almost the same as Chinese turquoise.
Howlite, named after its discoverer Henry How (a Nova Scotia geologist), is one of those minerals that is more famous for imitating another stone, turquoise. Howlite is always white or gray, but is commonly dyed blue. However, dyed howlite is an affordable substitute for turquoise carvings and beads. It accepts a nice polish and its lustre is attractive, enhancing even undyed beads. Howlite is formed in nodules that appear like the heads of cauliflower. Veins of black web-like streaks often are interlaced, adding to the character.

Howlite has similar benefits to turquoise - used for creativity, calming, and reducing anxiety and tension. It also encourages emotional expression, subtlety and tact, lessoning rudeness. As well as helping to eliminate pain, stress and rage. A simple and gentle stone that aids sleep and helps to bring back wisdom from the dream state. Assists in loosening and dispersing muscular tension.