Large Colourful Mother-Of-Pearl Shell Chip Beads - Long 30inch string

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These beautiful, unusual beads are made from real Chinese mother-of-pearl. Price is per double-length strand of 30-inches. Each chip will be a different size, shape and colour - but average largest measures around 12mm x 6mm x 4mm.

The shining, playful, and reflected light of mother of pearl has attracted the attention of human beings since the beginning of the world. Societies, tribes, and nations have all added the technology of their day to their experience, knowledge, and understanding, and they have turned mother of pearl from one form into another. Though mother of pearl is quite widespread around the world, its assumption of the aspect of a magnificent branch of the arts after a past of many centuries began when it came into the hands of the Ottoman Turks. (nâ´ker) or nacre , the iridescent substance that forms the lining of the shells of fresh-water and some salt-water