32 Dramatic Large AB Neon-Blue Hematite Frame Ring Beads - 12mm

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Price is per 16-inch string of these dramatic new style beads. Each ring measures 12mm x 4mm - about 32 to the string. Drilled top-to-bottom as picture. These new type of AB beads are very fashionable now because of their bling!

The benefits of hematite

Hematite makes great jewellery because it's inexpensive and look shiny and sleek. People wear it as rings, bracelets and necklaces not only for style, but because they believe the magnetic variety relieves rheumatism. Magnetic therapy has been around for over 4,000 years. 

The idea is that a magnetic field can relax capillary walls in the body. This causes an increase in blood flow, similar to the effect of massaging your muscles, and stimulate the areas around the muscles to speed up healing. Others say, magnetic jewellery allows the body to produce endorphins, the natural pain killers. 

What is hematite 
Hematite is one of the most common minerals, formed by oxidized iron. Although usually black in jewellery, it adds to the red colour of garnet and ruby. All non-crystalline forms of hematite come from the mineral Limonite that lost water due to heat. Hence recent excitement of the discovery of grey hematite on the planet Mars - suggesting there was water once present. Only well-formed crystals are cut and polished into cabochons for jewellery, beads, and ornaments.