Devil Black Natural Obsidian Beads - 6mm or 8mm

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Price is per 16-inch string of this beautiful stone. Choose either 6mm or 8mm from Size Button. Sorry, out of 12mm. 


Obsidian is natural glass formed by rapid cooling of volcanic lava. Usually black, shiny, and hard – but also grey, brown, or with white flecks. When fractured it leaves sharp edges, hence its use since the stone-age as a cutting tool and for weapons. Snowflake obsidian is caused by inclusions of small, white, crystals of silica in the black glass producing a blotchy snowflake pattern. Sheen or Rainbow Obsidian is caused by small bubbles of air trapped in the molten rock just before being cooled.

Obsidian is a nurturing stone that can help you to accept the changes that are a part of everyone's live. Its energy has a grounding, stabilizing influence, and can help dispel negative energy. But for healing, it's recommend to balance obsidian with a lighter crystal, like smoky quart. Also used to improve vision, relieve digestive problems, and clear the mind. And is sometimes gazed into like a crystal ball, to obtain images and help find inner spiritual vision.