200 Lucky Crossed Finger Black & White Pony Beads

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This is for about 200 plastic pony beads - each measures 7mm x 4mm. Hole is 1mm. Have fun!

What Are Pony Beads

Pony beads are small plastic or glass beads popular with adults and children as they are easy to work jewellery, hair fashions, and other crafts. They have large holes and are available in a huge range of colour and shape, making them fun for children who find them easy to thread into simple jewellery.

Adults also love pony beads for their inexpensive variety and versatility. Like many shades of the same colour making sophisticated design. They also come opaque, transparent; or glittering metallic neon gold, silver or copper, to add bling to your jewellery.

Types of Pony Beads
The most popular type of pony bead is the original round barrels, like a fat tire. However, theme shapes are catching up fast. Star beads, heart, flower, butterfly, animal shapes and Christmas pony beads in red and green shaped as Santa, snowmen and trees. All with large holes so they can be strung on more materials. Crow beads are similar, but larger.

Acrylic alphabet beads are trendy. Beaders use letters and colour to personalize custom jewellery. Number beads can be used to spell out the year, special dates, fund raising, or to make nursery bracelets. Teachers find pony beads fun to educate kids of all ages, and schools use them for events or to represent a form, team, or a mascot.

Other Uses
Pony beads are used on hair too - bright colours at the ends of tiny braids for fun, or many shades of the same tint for a cooler look. Other uses are on key chains, book marks, bead banners, scrunchies to hold hair, and transparent pony beads make excellent sun catchers. Needle crafters sew them onto bags and purses, and some crochet or knit them onto choker necklaces and clothing.