4 Large Enchanting Sugilite Rondelle Beads - 20mm x 14mm

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Price is for four large beads - measure 20mm x 14mm, drilled in the centre to thread. Heavy!

Sugilite is one of the newest and rarest gemstones. Its rich shades of purple instantly made it highly sought after. Many have hailed Sugilite as the gem of the New Age. Named from the Japanese discover in 1944.

It has a very distinctive opaque purple colour when found in its most desirable colour shades. The polished stones are mostly opaque with an almost waxy lustre and a deep reddish purple colour. It has been described as a purple turquoise although there is no relation between the two minerals. Its jewellery uses are becoming widespread and sugilite is being used in jewellery styles with turquoise, malachite and coral.

Sugilite is wonderful to carry and instills a feeling of being free. It infuses one with inspiration. It can help believe in yourself and especially in your unique inherent talents. Sugilite is also used to eliminate hostility.