Purple with Red Crystal Bling Charm Bead

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Price is per bead - each measure 10mm.

Shamballa Beads are the hottest hip hop accessory of the year & the next bead craze!Shamballa jewelry is made from Tibetan Buddhist-inspired beads worn by all the big hip hop artists. They bring a feeling of well being similar to the effect hip hop music has on the soul.

Shamballa bracelets worn by rappers like King Ice cost thousands of US dollars because they use beads covered in gold and set with diamonds. However, you can express your individuality and spiritual needs by designing your own unique shamballa bracelet and matching necklace for much less. You can show individual meanings by choosing their style, color and shape.

These stunning beads are a unique mix between jewelry and spirituality. Todays turmoil brings no better time to get in touch with hip hop fashion and your inner self. Create a mystical effect using skull and Buddhist beads with sparkling crystal beads to add bling.