Carved Turquoise Skull Bracelet - Blue, Pink or Purple

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Price is per bracelet. Each carved skull measures 13mm x 11mm x 10mm - about 16 skulls in all. Bracelet measures 2 3/4 inches diameter, but expands to fit all.

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Skull jewellery is once again popular. Youths wear skull rings and hang skull pendants on their bags. The media adds to the craze with many celebratory discreetly showing skulls.

Originally skull jewellery was only a Buddhist thing - to remind Buddhists to focus on reaching Nevada. Seeing skulls prevent them from wasting time building their ego or wealth, all of which becomes useless upon death.

Modern gothic culture has similarities. Goths highlight suffering to contrast from living and create an optimistic outlook. Like the oriental concept of yin and yang – opposite and constant flowing forces. Increase yin, and yang with decrease, and vice versa. Draw attention to death, and life with become brighter.

To others, skulls show that life is not permanent and we are all flirting with death. In this context they represent a quest to survive, a reminder to be careful. For the same reason hot-rodders hang a furry dice inside their cars.

In the world of rock music, skulls have always been worn. Keith Richards sports a skull ring since the early seventies. Ozzy Osbourne and Axel Rose would never be seen without skull jewellery. To them skulls don't just represent a fling with death, but a symbol of survival.

Some link the skull image to rebellion, explaining why pirates fly the skull and cross bones. Outlaws want to show they live by their own values, and will not be forced into a way of thought by others who have an alternate and often immoral motive.

Whatever you think, there is no denying that skull jewellery is becoming the next big thing in fashion.