Dramatic Striking Pink Stripe Rainbow Calsilica Beads

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Price is per 15.5-inch string of these beautiful beads. There are four sizes 4mm, 6mm,10mm and 12mm.Choose size from Size Button.

Extraordinary new gemstone

Rainbow calsilica is a new material that makes amazingly striking, eye-catching colourful gemstone beads. The stones dramatic variation in vivid coloured bands and its short history attract attention everywhere.

Makes powerful jewellery
Lots of bright colours are great in summer jewellery, bringing bundles of energy to the wearer. If you make jewellery as a hobby or a living, you should defiantly use rainbow calsilica in some of your spring and summer designs. Its mysterious change of dramatic colour and shape allows your imagination to run wild.

What is rainbow calsilica?
No two of these dramatic stones are alike - each has its own configuration of colour and striping. Because of this, many people speculate whether calsilica occurs naturally or is man made. Some say its imported from Mexico in slabs. The truth is that this plastic-like gemstone is pulverized carbonate rock, artificially coloured with pigments and then stabilized with a polymer.

Colour Sells. Sex-up your designs!
However, his beautiful material deserves at least the same respect as much-more expensive totally-natural gemstones. After all, most semi-precious beads are enhanced or altered in some way. Its well known the eye is attracted to bright colours and individual design. So any jewellery make from these amazing new gemstone is sure to be popular.

Calsilica beads come in all shapes and sizes, as well as every colour imaginable. The striking summer rainbow variety usually mixes bright red with yellow or blue for dramatic effect. Some have striped bands similar to agate, others have their colour in blotches like a Van Gough painting. And zebra calsilica is resembles the animal with characteristic black and white stripes. Try mixing the same style beads for a matching necklace, bracelet and earrings.