8 Unusual Bronzite Puff Diamond Beads - Large 20mm

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Price is per eight of these unusual beads - each measures a large 20mm x 20mm x 12mm.

Bronzite is a lovely chocolate brown gemstone formed by different rocks including peridotite and the mystical serpentine - also known as Enstatite. With golden shimmering swirls similar to the cats-eye effect, caused by refraction from gold metallic sparkles within.

Bronzite is generally a bronze brown colour, although can also be a mixture of gold, green, brown and black. Romans used to grind it into powder to strengthen the nerves and use against mental illness and confusion.

Today, new-agers use bronzite to boost willfulness to almost certain. It also inspires courtesy and courage, by encouraging the wearer to accomplish something without any personal benefit except appreciation of being of service.