100 Quality Jump Rings - 6mm x 0.5mm

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Price is per 100 jump rings - each measures 6mm x 0.5mm (thinner than on picture). These universal connectors have so many uses!

Jump rings can be frustrating! They open when they shouldn't, don't close properly, and sometimes look the wrong shape. However, jump rings are important to just about every jewellery project. Using them can take a little practice, but simple to master.

Don't use too thin jump rings as they will frustratingly spring open. And they should be hard enough to withstand opening and closing 6 to 10 times with the pliers.

If when you've "closed" your jump ring there is still a gap - then wiggle the ring back and forth, opening and closing it, until you hear the sweet sound of a click as it moves perfectly into place.

Although findings are essential for creating any kind of jewellery, it's easy to forget about them when you are shopping for beads. Findings are like background music in movies. Jewellery with no findings will fail to dazzle, just like a movie with no music will fail to thrill the audience. The findings enhance and accent the focal beads without drawing too much attention to themselves, but you really need to have them to create a functional jewellery.

You need wires to string the beads onto, whether they are flexible beading wire or rigid wire. You must also have a clasp to create necklaces or bracelets, and jump rings to attach those clasps. Toggle clasps are the easiest to handle, but you can also use spring ring or lobster claw clasps if you want an adjustable length necklace. Spacers are also useful to both add-design and to economize on the beads used in a project. Items made with flexible wires will need crimp beads to secure the ends, and you'll want ear wires if you want to make earrings. These are the must-have items for jewellery making.

You could create beaded jewellery without any metal beads, but they will help your jewellery appear more professional. They vary greatly in size, thickness, and shape so you can dramatically alter the style of your necklace by exchanging the metal beads. Spacers are excellent for adding just a sliver of metallic flash, while larger beads (often called Bali Beads) may be fancy enough to function as the focal beads in your designs. Try using small 925 gothic spacers in between colourful single beads for a classy effect as above - and cone or dome-shaped ones called bead caps are great for topping