73 Slate-Blue Kyanite Fancy Drop Needle Beads

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Price is per half string of about 73 of these beautiful, unusual needle beads. Largest measures about 25mm x 7mm x 3mm, although many will be much smaller - all top-drilled ready to thread. Total 8 1/2-inches long.

The word Kyanite comes from the Greek word kyanos, meaning blue. Kyanite will help you understand lesson as they appear in your life, not only from teachers, but from all things. Some people place the stone on their forehead as they meditate or place inside their pillow as you sleep.

Kyanite aids in creative expressions such as art, dance, writing, etc. It strengthens the truth in a person and makes one more reliable. It does not retain negative vibes and they bounce off. A good stone for aligning all of the energy centres but is particularly good for the 5th chakra or throat chakra. It is a powerful stone to access the Universal Energy during healing. Blue (colour) relates to your spiritual side. It helps you to attune while searching for inner peace.