8 Large Silver Walnut Bead Spacers - 15mm

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Price is per 8 of these beautiful bead spacers - each measures 15mm. These are not silver - just silver color (quite light).

Findings are essential for creating any kind of functional jewellery - bringing sparkle, like music in a movie. The must-have items for jewellery making are:

  • Spacers to enhance your focal beads, without drawing too much attention to themselves. They also make jewellery longer, economizing on your cost.
  • You need wires to string the beads onto, and crimp beads to secure the ends.
  • Clasps for necklaces or bracelets, and jump rings to attach those clasps.
  • For earrings you need ear wires.

Jewellery created with metal beads looks more professional, and so will be easier to sell.