Enlightened Siddhattha Gautama Buddha Ring

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Buddha was born around 565 B.C. in Lumbini in modern day Nepal.

His name 'Siddhattha Gautama,' means 'descendant of Gotama whose aims are achieved/who is efficacious in achieving aims', he later became the Buddha (literally Enlightened One or Awakened One). He is also commonly known as 'Shakyamuni' or 'Sakyamuni' (lit. "The sage of the Shakya clan") and as the Tathagata (lit. "thus come" or "thus gone"). Gautama was a contemporary of Mahavira.

This beautiful Buddha ring is made from a metal alloy - Buddha head measures 18mm x 12mm. Sizes 7 to 9 (N to R)- select size and we will do our best to supply the closest.