3 x Swarovski 8mm Round Mandarian Orange Beads

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Price is per three of these beautiful beads. Measures 8mm, drilled ready to thread.


Swarovski crystal has become more popular recently, because the major fashion designers have incorporated them in their garments and accessories. The beads have greater brilliance than other crystals with amazing colours. They are especially ideal for bridal wear creating a fairytale magical appearance.

Swarovski crystal is not a natural gem, its man made in a factory. Crystal was cut just for chandeliers until the 16-century, when its elegance was crafted into jewelelry. Within 300-years people were experimenting adding lead to glass to increase its reflectance. Daniel Swarovski was born to a glass cutter in the Austrian monarchy. In 1892 he patented an electric cutting machine to make lead crystal jewellery. He then developed a polishing technique to produce what is now considered the finest crystal in the world.

Swarovski crystal allows light to reflect in a rainbow spectrum. This is achieved by coating the crystals with a special metallic chemical. One of the more common coatings is called AB or "Aurora Borealis". This is coated outside of the existing crystal colour, covering about half of the crystal face. When the crystal is turned you see the crystal colour on one side and the AB finish on the other. If the crystal has many surfaces, the reflection will appear as you rotate the crystal.

Too maximize refraction, Swarovski contains around 32% lead. However, this lead is not easily "released" from the crystal and therefore does not pose a health threat. Just to be safe through, you should wash your hands after working with these crystals.