Sleek Natural Labradorite Fancy Drop Beads - Long 18mm

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Price is per 16-inch long string of these unusual beads. As they are natural, each fancy drop/dog tooth  beads will be slightly different size, colour & shape - but the largest in the string measures about 18mm x 5mm x 4mm. These have the distinctive blue shimmering affect in sunlight, called adularescence, caused by the way the stone reflects light.


Labradorite is a feldspar and develops in metamorphic stone. The natural iridescence flashes a rainbow of colours. Labradorite is a transformational stone that naturally heals and balances the aura. Labradorite shields the aura, protecting your consciousness and your body, from foreign influences, especially during vulnerable growth phases and intense transitions. Labradorite resonates with spiritual mystery and is the companion stone of the modern mystic.