Mystical Opalite Moonstone Tube Beads

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Price is per 16-inch string of these beautiful beads, drilled ready to string. Each bead measures 12mm x 4mm.

What Is Moonstone?
Moonstone is translucent, and softens the light shining through it to give a pearly moon-like glow. This distinctive shimmering affect called adularescence, is caused by the way the stone reflects light. Moonstone comes in colourless, white, grey, and subtle yellow or peach, but always has a white or blue sheen. Rainbow moonstone is colourless with a blue sheen and a rainbow-like array of colours a very attractive semi-precious stone.

Moonstone is thought to grow stronger or weaker with the moons cycle. During full-moon its a very powerful stone for the reconciling of love, and as the moon decreases, is said to allow person to foretell the future. In India it's sacred for lovers. A feminine stone for the inner-child, female issues and nurturing - but also used by men who want to reach their female side and to understand dreams. Moonstone brings confidence and calms the emotions, easing an understanding of spirituality, intuition, and clairvoyance. Also known to protect against fever, dropsy, fluid-retention and urinary problems. Especially protective to seafarers who have been using it since ancient times