Large Red Antique Barrel Acrylic Beads - Unusual!

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Price is for 15 of these unusual beads - each measures a large 28mm x 16mm. Made from lacqured acrylic to give an " aged antique" look.

Plastic Beads, A Worthy Alternative

Plastic beads were originally much sought after, until the popularity of glass beads and other materials caused them to be looked down upon. However, this is certainly not true of all beads made of acrylic or resin.

Beads moulded of plastic are inexpensive and lightweight compared to glass and gemstone beads. They also can survive a low temperature wash, making them suitable for decorating clothing.

These fun beads often imitate more exotic gems like dzi, faceted crystal, pearls, and other semiprecious stones. They are also easily moulded into a variety of interesting shapes and dyed intense colours. Plastic beads are ideal to teach children jewellery making techniques too.
Therefore, don't overlook their potential helping you to create interesting affordable designer jewellery.