Summer Beads
Yarmouth Beach

Each summer in the UK gets better - global warming is bringing us record temperatures. Everyone's outside having fun.

Summer jewellery is either cooling blues and light-greens, or vibrant bright reds and yellows reflecting the setting sun. Aquamarine and citrine is great for summer.

Try making bright jewellery with catherine-wheel designs, or seaside themes. Calsilica beads are great with their vivid wild colour. Anything 'fun' is good. Ethnic necklaces and bracelets are also in this time of year.

Enjoy yourself making popular jewellery between time on the beach and BBQs - however, don't work too hard! We all need a break, you can work faster after - and summer can be bad selling at craft fairs, as everyone's away.

Summer Beads
Summer CitrineSummer Beads
Summer Shell Beads

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