Spring Beads

Spring is a time of resurrection and birth – this means yellow, green and light colours, and flower beads.

Make a bright and matching spring necklace, bracelet & earrings. Use small beads with subtle silver spacers for style. Sell them in a white or light-blue box.

Green beads are good for spring jewellery - other colours to look for are yellow citrine, light green chrysoprase, chrysocolla, chalcedony and chalcedony.

Aquamarine is March’s stone and ideal for spring jewellery. It lifts spirit, and is excellent for meditation, bringing peace and serenity. Some even say it helps married couples solve their problems!

Chalcedony is also a good gemstone for graceful spring jewellery. Its delicate, light-blue colour reminds of early morning mountain sky. Chalcedony is a feminine stone, full of yin energy. Thought to balance the emotions, bring stamina, and promote kindness and charity.

Chalcedony  Beads
Aquamarine Beads
Spring Citrine Beads

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