MiMi - Mrs Bead
MiMi is Mrs Bead - Nigel's wife.


Lorraine - The Bead Queen
Lorraine is The Bead Queen. She sells heaps of jewellery at local craft fairs - and lives in Kings Lynn, close to the North Norfolk Coast and the Royal Estate at Sandringham.

Lorraine is overwhelmed by demand for her home-crafted jewellery. Her secret is long hours and original design. Everything is carefully planned, enthusiastically marketed, and sold at affordable prices.

She succeeds because she lives and breathes beading, making pieces while travelling or watching TV. She never misses the chance to sell - attending all local fairs as well as organizing her own when no other outlet is available. And potential customers are infected with her enthusiasm, resulting in excitement and trust bringing extra sales.

For inspiration, she studies fashion magazines, analyzing trends and colours and styles in high street boutiques. Ensuring she stays ahead of the game and her designs don’t date before they’re sold.

Lorraine understands a neat box adds to the perceived value of her jewellery, and little labels explain what her beads are made from. She knows that customers like sets of a necklace with matching earrings – so they can give them away as gifts.

Lorraine crafts jewellery in very limited quantities, but to get your hands on a design, click her shop at TheBeadQueen.co.uk or click here to follow her on Facebook.