Why Glass Beads Are Good For You
Jewellery has been made from glass beads for hundreds of years. Today, they’re very popular for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and anklets. You can also use glass beads on lamps, hats and tiaras, even threaded on curtains. Don’t look down on glass!

Glass Beads

Glass are a cheaper alternative to crystal. Therefore there are more shapes and colours in glass – and like gemstones, they come faceted, matte, or high-gloss too. Shapes range from simple designs like spheres, teardrops and leaves, to original and obscure forms. However, versatility is the key to getting the most from your string – so buy mostly round beads to avoid leftovers. Click to see our Glass Beads.

Mix Glass With Other Beads
Mix glass with other beads when designing jewellery. A formal necklace may incorporate a few semi precious or crystal beads, threaded with glass beads to give an impression of expense and class. Most glass beads are made out of matte glass, dichroic glass and lamp worked glass.

What Are Glass Pearls
These are man-made and coated to give a fantastic eye-catching sheen. Like genuine pearls they have a substantial feel and weight, and are cool to the touch. They cost a lot less than real pearls or gemstones and look almost the same. Except they lack the grooving found in cheaper natural pearls. Click to see our Glass Pearl Beads.

Lampwork Beads
Glass BeadsHand made lampwork beads are formed by winding a molten rod of glass around a metal wire. The bead maker sits in front of a flame, heating the glass and winding the bead. Sometimes the hot bead is dipped into coloured metal flakes and returned to the flame to form different patterns. Click to see our Lampwork Beads.

Quartz Beads
Glass and crystal are all forms of quart. Pure rock crystal is clear, but usually quart comes in a variety of opacity. Milky quartz is cloudy because of microscopic inclusions of fluid embodied in the crystal at the start of its life – creating an attractive effect of a crystal within a crystal, giving the interior a ghostly appearance. Smoky Quartz is caused by natural radiation from nearby granite rocks. Click to see our Quartz Beads.

Crystal Beads

Mystic Crystal

Crystal beads will weigh more than glass because a little lead is added – this make them sparkle different colours.

The Mayans, Druid priests, and Tibetan monks all knew the spiritual power of crystal. They used it to strengthen the sun’s rays to bring heat - and Chinese science feng-shui teaches that arranging crystals around the home retains positive energy.

Crystals became important to these people because of the belief in their capacity to store and amplify any power source fed into them – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Today’s crystal therapists say that the stones’ ability to work as a conductor allows energy to be focused via a person’s thoughts to stimulate healing. Use crystal to target attention on what they want by reaching a higher level of consciousness, and turn a desire into reality.

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