To save you time most queries are answered below. If after reading you still have a question, e-mail the address at the bottom for a personal reply within 48-hours.

Q: How much is shipping ?
A:  Shipping is calculated automatically on weight by the store during checkout (before you pay).  All orders are now mailed from Norwich, UK.

Q:  I'm new on the internet, how do I navigate your store and order?
A:   For detailed instructions, click here

Q: How do I claim my discount coupon?
 Order as you wish, then key the coupon code in the box at the checkout and click “redeem coupon”.

Q: Can I pay by cheque?
A:  Sure, we accept UK and US check. Cheques + money and postal orders.  As well as Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and cash.

Q:  Where do I send my cheque to?
A:  All mailing address are at the bottom of this letter.  Paypal, UK & US chequess, money orders & postal orders, Western Union, Visa or MasterCard  welcome.

Q: I paid you a few weeks ago, where is my order?
A: We mail within a few days of receiving payment and it takes a day or two to reach you within the UK. International orders take about 14-days, but please allow longer. However, because of occasional delays by customs or the post office, we can’t write off lost until after 30 days. If this is the case, mail payment details to the below address.

Q:  Are your stones dyed?
A:   Most of our stone is natural color, except many of the jade and all the red coral.  As usual these days, these may be dyed – but the color is fixed and does not come off.

Q:  How many beads are in a strand?
A:  Most strands are 16-inches long = 400mm.  So just divide this by the bead diameter.  eg: 40 x 10mm beads to a strand.  However, pearl strands are only 15-inches long.

Q:  Can I buy your beads wholesale?
A:  Sure!  Just click here for details of how to get up to 35% off.
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Mailing address for customers in Britain.  Make out to Nigel Mckay and mail to:
Nigel Mckay
6 Byfield Court

 All Paypal payments to

If you still have a question or prefer a personal reply mail: