Bringing Old Jewellery Back To Life

Cleaning Jewellery
There are hundreds of home recipes using all sorts of household ingredients to clean jewellery. No need to waste money on special cleaners.

Keep your jewellery looking as amazing as the day you bought it. Try these easy and cheap cleaning options with an old toothbrush and a clean rag:

Great for cleaning diamonds. Mix four cups with one cup of warm water, then soak the jewellery for about 15-minutes and clean with a toothbrush. Rinse with clear water and cloth dry.


Cleaning Jewellery With Toothpaste

Mix warm water with the toothpaste and use a toothbrush to clean - rinse and dry after.

Simply pore white vinegar into any container and soak the jewellery for 15-minutes. Dusting with Diatomaceous Earth after, will prevent tarnishing. Clean with a toothbrush and finish with a water rinse and dry.

Rennie or any Antiacids
Indigestion tablets cure more than heartburn! Place two into a container of warn water and soak the jewellery in the bubbles for 2-mintues. Rinse with clear water and dry to finish.

Baking Soda & Aluminum Foil

Cleaning Jewellery With Baking Soda

Great to remove tarnish from silver. Line a tray with the foil, lay the jewellery on, and sprinkle with baking powder. Then slowly pore a cup of boiling water on. The tarnish will collect on the tin foil. Then turn the jewellery over and repeat on the other side. Finish with a a water rinse and cloth dry.

Salt, Baking Powder & Detergent
Best for gold jewellery. Mix a cup of hot water with a teaspoonful or baking powder with the same of salt & washing powder. Soak the jewellery for 10-minutes, wash with water and dry.

Soap & Water
Good for soft or porous semi-precious stones like turquoise or pearls. Use warn water with laundry detergent. Rinse & cloth dry.

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