Chinese Year Of The Tiger 2022 

Happy Year of the Tiger 2022

Year Of The Tiger 2022

The new Year of the Tiger starts 1th Feb 2022. A strong turbulent year of opportunity & growth. Tiger Years are fortunate, so after lockdown, now is the time to strike out with bold new ideas.

Year Of The Tiger 2022

However, keep everything in balance, and use Chinese astrology like a weather forecast to plan ahead. Each animal in the Chinese zodiac is divided into elements with slightly different characteristics - this Yang Year is a Black Water Tiger.

Chinese Tiger

Predictions For This Year of The Tiger
The last Water Tiger Year was 1962, so expect similar. 2022 will be a dramatic year of optimism, excess and change. The element implies ‘running water’, which is quick and powerful. Connected to emotions and wealth, bringing abundance, prosperity, floods and political extremes.

Grab opportunity, be bold, creative, and start something different. However, work hard and selflessly, stay calm and positive for the energy to change you for the better. This year’s tiger will be sympathetic - but it’s difficult to get off when riding the big cat, so don’t get carried away.

Ingenious technology, like pharmaceutical breakthroughs will arrive. New business or investment will prosper, but be careful as recklessness can be troublesome and expenses will soar. The tiger is a loving animal who looks after children, so a good year for romance and starting a family.

If You Are a Tiger
Tigers are the King of Beasts, a symbol of strength and boldness - being fearless, adventurous, competitive, confident and creative. They’re also sensitive with a magnetic charming personality and a keen sense of justice - but can be unpredictable, stubborn, irritable, and overindulgent.

2022 will be a good year for romance or a new job, with lots of travel and much achievable. Everything will positively expand, with money flowing in, but be careful with investments and deals. Trivial things could be important, exercise in fresh air more, and wear red for luck.

Best partners are an ox, snake, goat or pig – least harmonious with horse, snake, goat or monkey. Best jobs: advertising, travel, artist, medical research, actor, pilot, musician or comedian.

Tiger Years
If you were born during these dates, then you are a tiger:
13/02/1926 to 01/02/27, 31/01/1938 to 18/02/1939, 17/02/1950 to 05/02/1951, 05/02/1962 to 24/02/1963, 23/01/1964, 09/02/1986 to 28/01/1987, 28/01/1998 to 15/01/1999, 14/02/2010 to 02/02/2011, 01/02/2022 to 21/01/2023, 19/01/2034 to 07/02/2036

Famous Tiger People

Year Of The Tiger

Bear Grylls, Beethoven, Chuck Berry, David Attenborough, Joe Wicks, Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marilyn Monroe, Mel Brooks, Oscar Wilde, Queen Elizabeth 11, Richard Branson, Stevie Wonder, Tom Cruise, Ziang Zemin.

Tiger Likes
Lucky Colours: Blue, Green, Red & Yellow. Lucky Numbers: 1,3 & 4. Western equivalent: Aquarius.

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