Blue Beads

Blue Beads
Blue Beads

As we say in Norfolk, blue is ‘bootiful’! There’s lots of blue in Norfolk. It’s not by chance we sell more blue beads than any other hue. Everyone loves blue and wears blue jeans.

The sky and the sea is blue when at its best. The colour represents freedom, open space, creativity, inspiration and sex. As well as trust, loyalty, confidence, sincerity and faith. The colour of the spirit, bringing rest and tranquility – with religious meaning, believed to repel bad spirits. Blue gemstones are said to calm, especially in times of crisis. They also make it easier to communicate with loved ones, encouraging words from the heart.

Blue BeadsA cooling colour of intuition, confidence and intellect that is said to balance the mind and body. Electric blue is dramatic and exhilaration. All blue clothes with jewellery to match is the dress of successes – look at rock stars, actors and the super-rich. However, excessive blue can be negative, bringing sadness. Blue portrays importance and confidence. ‘The Boys in Blue’: British police officers, and ‘corporate blue’ pinstripe suits. Representing conservative stability. Royal blue is for respect and superiority. Blue means trust and wisdom.

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Terms Using Blue:
• Red, white and blue : Loyalty & Red
• white and blue: Patriotism
• Navy blue & white : Sailing
• Out of the blue : Something unexpected
• True blue : Loyalty, trustworthy, and faithful
• Feeling blue: feeling the calm from blue
• Blue blood: royal birth
• Blue ribbon: top prize

Blue Gemstones
• Chalcedony
• Aquamarine
• Lapis Lazuli
• Moonstone
• Garnet
• Cornflower jade
• Pearl
• Tanzanite
• Turquoise
• Kyanite
• Flourite
• Sodalite
• Amazonite
• Amethyst
• Larimar
• Hawk’s eye
• Spinel

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