Anyone Can Wire Wrap

Wire wrapping is an easy and exciting way to make great pendants. These can be sold on their own, or turned into originally-designed classy necklaces.

Wire Wrapping
The raw simplicity of wire wrapping and the satisfaction of creating original designs make it so much fun!

All you need is craft wire, pliers and something to wrap. No wonder it’s become so popular. Almost anything can be wrapped, from river and beach rocks, sea glass, tumbled stone to semi precious gemstones. With a little imagination you’ll be able to effortlessly produce stunning jewellery.

Wire Wrapped JewelleryAt first it’ll take a while, but as you gain experience you should be able to wrap a stone in just a few minutes. Practice with a roll of cheap wire from your local hardware store. Then when you get the hang of it, buy 18-gauge craft wire online.

Wire Wrap Pliers

Most people start using wire cutters and needle-nose pliers – but flat-nose, nylon-jaw and round-nose pliers are better. Invest in a pair of good nylon jaw pliers, because they are especially designed for shaping craft wire and wire wrapping. The nylon jaws protect the surface of the wire, avoiding rebuffing the wire after forming.

Google ‘Wire Wrapping’ for ideas on design and style, but there are endless possibilities twisting and turning. Once you master the simple technique, the pleasure of creating beautiful designs so easily, will have you turning out pendants by the dozen.

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